LB1 left first molar

LB1 3D Liang Bua tool Peter Brown


Contrary to the claims of Maciej Henneberg and Robert Eckhardt there is no evidence of taurodontism in Homo floresiensis.


Review of Gregory Forth's Between Ape and Human, with a discussion of the extinction of Homo floresiensis at ~70 kyr.


Homo floresiensis


Mark Moore discusses Flores stone tools

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This site was created by Peter Brown. in 1997. A review of Gregory Forth's "Between Ape and Human: An Anthropologist on the trail of a hidden hominoid", with a discussion of the extinction of Homo floresiensis added 16/04/23. Additional Homo floresiensis postcranial CT stacks added to research resources 26/06/21. Macaque cranial, dental and postcranial data added to research resources 08/06/21. Niah added 14/04/21. February-March 2021 changes to bio and publications, all of the East Asian sites updated, and CT files of the H. floresiensis crania and postcrania, and micro CT files of recent H. sapiens crania added to research resoures. These are in DICOM format. March 12 2015 additional comments on Maciej Hennebergs's fictitious and nieve claims of modern dental work in H. floresiensis. Discussion of the evidence of taurodontism (there isn't any) in LB1 and LB6 H. floresiensis added March 31 2015 and evidence of cretinism and Down Syndrome in LB1 Homo floresiensis (there isn't any). Also added a discussion of Ohaguru in Edo Period Japan and an update to the status of the Lake Mungo 3 skeleton. There is an archive of earlier pages, 1998-2019, in the Pandora Archive of the National Library of Australia (link).